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6 Makeup Tutorials for Blue Eyes

Notice! Here are great ideas for makeup blue eyes can be made to pop pop pop those stunning eyes that you are presented!

Let’s face it, not everyone is blessed with a pair of blue eyes of Barbie. In fact, you have blue eyes is considered a recessive trait. But what women blue eyes say to that? We do not care! Yes, because if you have blue eyes, there is no better way to look pretty and beautiful eyes accentuating its magnificent color.

Makeup Tutorials for Blue Eyes

Makeup Tutorials for Blue Eyes

Today, we have the best makeup tutorials for blue eyes. So sit tight and enjoy!

12 tutorials makeup for blue eyes

Today, we have the best makeup tutorials for blue eyes. So sit tight and enjoy. Are here:

1. trembling Smokey Eye

trembling Smokey Eye

Make those blue eyes pop with smoky eye makeup with glitter. The contrast between black / gray and blue eyes makes for a tantalizing effect.

2. Wine, Black and Teal

Wine, Black and Teal

Here’s something for those who like really bold and avant-garde. Use purple, black and teal to accentuate those blue eyes.

3. Natural Eye Makeup

Natural Eye Makeup

No need to go heavy on the eyes if you have those beautiful blue eyes. Go natural and his eyes shine through.

4. Grunge look makeup

Grunge Makeup Look

Not everyone likes to go for simple and delicate look. So here’s a sharper eye makeup for blue eyes.

5. Last Bronze Makeup Smokey Eye

Ultimate Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup


Now here’s one for those who love the drama makeup. Turn blue eyes in a soap opera itself with the latter bronze eye makeup tutorial.

6. Spring Eye Makeup

Spring Eye Makeup

Spring is here and bright colors are in abundance around him. Make your blue eyes bright colors around you with this tutorial are complementary.




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