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Bridal Makeup How You Can Look Like a Picture of Beauty on Big Day

Bridal Makeup How You Can Look Like a Picture of Beauty

Bridal Makeup How You Can Look Like a Picture of Beauty


1. Select the perfect makeup artist

If you know someone who looked fabulous on her wedding day – asking them to your makeup artist he was! Personal recommendations are always best. Very often the wedding venue will have a list of recommended or MUA that can be searched online. If you like natural makeup, mua avoid that has a portfolio full of dark smoky eyes and glossy lips. If you find someone who is available, organize a test and make sure you take plenty of pictures of the looks of magazines and online.

2. DIY wedding makeup

If you are confident in applying their own makeup (and know wedding day nerves do not get the better of you), you can choose to apply your wedding day makeup. Remember, however, wedding makeup is different than regular makeup application – has to last all day and look photographically perfect in daylight and indoors. Book a lesson with a mua professional or you can always book a tutorial on a counter makeup – I recommend using a store like space NK as they sell different brands and you can choose the best cherry of each brand, instead of buying all of a cosmetics counter.

3. Choosing your makeup look

Bridal Makeup How You Can Look Like a Picture of Beauty

If your wedding dress is soft, romantic and pretty, sexy makeup heavy smoke will not complement her dress. Even if you like this style of makeup, you need to soften it a bit to work with the dress. Again, the same applies to your hair – if you choose a soft, boho, loose hair design, will have to maintain the beautiful makeup and dewy, for everything to work “together” instead of crashing. Look through bridal magazines (Brides Magazine is the best) and online for inspiration – you can not only get great ideas from bridal magazines, but also from images of red carpet – hair and makeup the red carpet is always awesome!

4. It is not just the composition, will begin with the right skin care

I do not think you can apply just “any old” moisturizer before makeup – if it is too thick and greasy, her makeup is “slide” within hours. Unless your skin is very, very dry, opt for a light oil-free moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and create the perfect base for makeup. A small amount of eye cream is fine if necessary, along with the lip balm as well.

5. First is a must

If you think primers are just an extra product to get you to part with your s € – think again. The right primer not only help your makeup perfect look longer, but also help to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and open pores. There are many to choose from, although – as with skincare, look for one that suits your skin type. Apply all over the face (a small amount is enough) after skincare, before the foundation.

6. Its foundation the most important part of your wedding makeup

Bridal Makeup How You Can Look Like a Picture of Beauty

The main reason for brides-to-be say that I reserve for wedding day is because they like the way I make the skin look as natural. It’s all down to the right foundation and how to apply. Get it right and everything will look better – it wrong and is the biggest mistake you made. Invest in a good base (you get what you pay) and remember, not just about getting the right color, but also about getting the right formulation. Obtain samples of meters, take them home and they bring the light of day, all day (even at night) to find the right one for you. And my top tip – apply in thin layers, from the middle of the face and blend outward using a foundation brush.

7. Apply concealer after foundation, not before

Correctors are naturally thicker in consistency of foundations (since they are designed to cover imperfections, while the foundation is only to match the skin tone / complexion), so to keep your skin looking as natural as possible, you want to use as little as possible checker. If the correction is first applied, it rubs most of the trash anyway when the foundation is applied, whereas if even your skin tone with foundation first, then have less checker. And remember, you may need to buy 2 checkers as you would buy concealer to cover imperfections will be too dry to wear under their eyes, so make sure the checker that is suitable for areas that need to cover.

8. Go easy on the dust

Bridal Makeup How You Can Look Like a Picture of Beauty

Yes, you must use the powder to set the makeup and make sure your skin does not look fat in your photos. However, if you are too heavy handed with the dust, your skin will look drier, older and cakey. Avoid using a brush massive dust – choose more than one size blush brush and lightly dust your local T, eyelids (to prevent wrinkles eye shadow) and with little left on the brush size, dust on the rest of the face.

9. Avoid the ‘brilliant’ products
Keep away from eye shadows / facial / highlighter powder with much sparkle as they will “bounce” flash photography. You can opt for products with a little glitter – this seems more sophisticated and simply apply these products in small amounts, fingers and mix well.

10. Go for the glow bride

Get the girl glow cover I can create for my girlfriends using cream blush – applied to the apple of the cheeks and blend upwards and outwards towards the hairline, the most flattering modern look on the cheeks is created compared with powder blushers it can sometimes seem flat. If you have oily skin, I do not think you have to lose in this beautiful look on her wedding day – there are incredible cheek spots based waterproof liquid that will give the same effect silicone.

11. gorgeous eyes that can withstand tears wedding day

Bridal Makeup How You Can Look Like a Picture of Beauty

I do not think that the waterproof mascara is the only option for waterproof eye makeup – no eyeliner waterproof (pencil / liquid / gel), specific primers eye shadows, eye shadow paintings / poles / foundations that all aid to the creation of a MAKE- eye to see that once applied, it does not move! My advice – keep the colors simple eye shadow, light and fresh (that way, even if your eyes look sore / tired at the end of the day it will not be dark and heavy) and add any ‘va va voom’ with his eyeliner. It also looks more modern than a lot of heavy ‘outline style of 80’! Keep the area free eyeliner if you know you will mourn much and make sure to curl your lashes before applying the black (best seen worldwide), waterproof mascara.

12. Choose the perfect lip color

As the foundation, it is necessary to shop around and try a lot of different colors / shades, like a lipstick can look completely different on the lips as to how it does in the bullet. As a guide, choose a shade that complements your blush – so if your blush is more of a coral tone, go for a bar of most coral lips and the same applies to pink tones. If you like a strong lip color, just remember that against a wedding dress light color, it will look brighter and more obvious and if you like a statement lip, so try to keep your eyes and softer natural, to avoid the appearance of a ‘bride doll’. Wise formulation, lipsticks long are ideal for a wedding day, but make sure you do not make the lips look / feel too dry. Also beware of lip colors / tones that make teeth look yellow (not a good look in a white dress)!

13. How to touch up during the day

Bridal Makeup How You Can Look Like a Picture of Beauty

If the makeup is applied correctly, the products they need for touch-ups during the day are:

Pressed powder – to ensure that it has no fat T-zone for your photographs. Gently pat the T-zone with powder to remove non-desired brightness.
Cotton buds – have some on hand to tidy up around the eye area if necessary if you cry (and do not forget the tissues too)!
Lipstick and gloss – after eating, kissing and before photos, keep lip products on hand to play again if necessary.
For the evening reception, I advise my girlfriends also have a rouge (you will be in a darker light for the party so you can apply more if you want to) and also, maybe do your eye makeup a little ‘smoke’ , simply run an eyeliner pencil on the inner edge of the eye and add a little more mascara if you want too.

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