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Claire Pettibone Wedding Dresses & Claire Pettibone 2015 Spring Bridal Collection

A week ago, in the morning (with a difference of 5 hours between New York and London, that is), I was a guest at the Claire Pettibone runway show for the launch of a new collection of her glorious “gothic angel” for 2015 show that trade event occurred during New York Bridal Fashion Week – the ability to print and suppliers who want to stock up on dresses from this glorious new collection for brides to be able to buy from bridal boutiques from the beginning of next year (as the press!).

Claire Pettibone Wedding Dresses

Claire Pettibone Wedding Dresses

Friday morning was the first day we woke up in New York (I was in Manhattan with her husband Philip, part of the joy of celebrating my birthday, participation in the business to support our sponsors and discover exciting new brands). The sun was shining, the air was warm and there was a sense of excitement and anticipation about the city. Claire Pettibone Wedding Dresses,We were among the first to arrive at the spectacular Highline Hotel. Described as “hip boutique hotel in a former boarding school in 1865, which boasts a collegial atmosphere” – a place where Claire, showing his new collection was feeling de-structure of the Church – all high ceilings and stained glass windows. It was a grand and elegant space, selected from clear intention perfectly sets the tone and the background for the new collection Claire revive before their first big crowd of fans,Claire Pettibone Wedding Dresses.Claire Pettibone 2015 collection

“Notre Dame, Westminster Abbey, Milan and St Patrick – Gothic cathedral gives grandeur and beauty, designed to educate and inspired humanity. Kind heavenly sky whimsical stained glass and silver, gold gilding give splendor beyond our dreams. Fine facades and complicated leaded glass and carved translated into French lace and silk embroidery.Claire Pettibone Bridal Fall 2015

The iconic Angel comes to life, rather than on the wings of birds imagined future, but here and now, as a powerful and beautiful woman, welcoming us to heaven on earth. “Claire Pettibone Spring 2015 Bridal Collection

The exhibition opened with mixed notes of Debussy “Claire de Lune” – a sound that always moves – such expressive and emotional music and one elected on this occasion clearly pay tribute to the designer itself. Music that followed, however, does not detract from within one second of the incredible dresses that were to decorate the runway during the next 20 minutes of pure magic. I was in his element.Claire Pettibone Bridal Spring 2016

Dresses were twenty in all – each of them that carry Claire Pettibone signature – that the essential whimsical aesthetic that Pettiboun became so famous, inspired by her love of fairy tales and all mythical. Claire Pettibone Wedding Dresses,I can imagine the Lady Galadriel floats through the enchanted forest in one of these dresses, as well as I can beautiful bride makes its way easily down the aisle to her emotional groom.Claire Pettibone's Gothic Angel Collection for 2015

Each of the dresses was named in honor of the iconic Gothic cathedral and angelic inspiration. Raphaella, seen above and below, was the first dress to really take my breath away with its application inspired winged angel sleeves. Claire Pettibone Wedding Dresses, Dress Notre Dame, the first dress photo on this page was a show-stopper Claire, the most refined French long-sleeved blue and black lace with stained glass beads and illusions back. He drew gasps from the crowd and press the camera went into overdrive, as this dress with a heavenly entrance to the top of the runway.Bridal Market Spring 2015 Wedding Dresses

It’s easy to fall in love with Claire Pettibone – her little shyness and lack of any sense of “celebrity” and its modest nature, are two of the qualities that I love her for everything. I still remember meeting her in person for the first time, three and a half years ago – once again during the wedding fashion week in New York. I’ve got myself in the depths of the fan-girl Claire world then was a little star struck to see the house, I chatted with her on the stand was the designer herself. Cue, and uncomfortable few moments that involved me in down opening line of my “About hiiiii” completely and there is absolutely beet red, while Claire she giggled softly attention has faux pas,Claire Pettibone Wedding Dresses.Claire Pettibone's Fall 2015 Wedding Dress Collection

Claire, as the star super star, as you can get in the international world of wedding fashion – and yet, if you met her in person, not having any idea what she looks like, you’ll never have any idea how popular she is revered Her designs are brides, suppliers and colleagues around the world,Claire Pettibone Wedding Dresses.Claire Pettibone 2015 Spring Bridal Collection

As models sashayed past our easy front seats rows (how lucky I am?) My husband leaned over to me and whispered, “back! Beautiful!”. The illusion of the back (you know the kind of fabric that is “barely there”) in the collection of gothic angels were just fine. I do not know of any other designer who makes this aspect of the design, as well as Claire, it’s part of what makes her designs so strong and immediately known. Really elegant and feminine little wow factor,Claire Pettibone Wedding Dresses.Claire Pettibone 2015 Spring Bridal Collection

I should mention the attention to detail that went into to make the whole experience for those who attended this show really beautiful. Upon arrival, a beautiful ribbon box was located on top of each seat, with a pretty flower resting on top. Inside the box were healthy delicious snacks and chocolate treats, makeup samples, bottled water and small bags of lavender.Claire Pettibone 2015 Spring Bridal Collection2

Hair and makeup with the model was refined and elegant with views of youth, and quite in the style to put on a show. Think Pink cherub cheeks and lips moist and fresh-look fund with her hair gathered, sometimes braided, but all kind and has been completely translated into any bride planning her wedding today.Claire Pettibone's 2015 Bridal Collection Claire Pettibone's 2015 Bridal Collection1

I was also so glad that Claire has teamed up with Amy beautiful shoes for the show – every model wore a pair of elegant heels Amy, who were a match for the most luxurious of these divine dresses,Claire Pettibone Wedding Dresses.

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