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Eye Makeup for Dark Skin and Brown Eyes

Makeup allows people to improve and beautify their natural beauty, and this is especially true with eye shadow. Eyeshadow creates dramatic and accentuated eyes, what he calls positive attention to one of the most daring and attractive parts of the face. Learning to apply eye shadow for brown skin includes being able to select colors that complement the natural tones and skin tones. Consider the following when studying how to apply eye shadow for brown skin.

Eye Makeup for Dark Skin

Eye Makeup for Dark Skin

Assess the nuances of their skin color. Depending on whether you have light brown skin or dark brown skin color, your color palette vary for eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara.

Select eye shadows that are rich in color and based powder.
For those with lighter skin, eye shadow that falls in the range champagne color may be favorable. Eyeshadow for darker skin may be in the coral family.
If you do not have access to a makeup brush, or you do not like the resulting effect, many people choose to apply eye shadow with the tip of the index finger.

Add bright pink shades for your eyelids only with a bush makeup. Pink cherry natural dark skin tones. When applied, do not go above the natural crease.

Apply a mask of dark brown or black eyelashes to the upper lashes. When applying, start at the base of the lashes and move to the ends of the tabs. Move the brush in a slight movement back and forth as you move. This prevents clumping mascara.

Eye Makeup for Dark Skin

Brush a neutral shade of eye shadow base cream on your lids for another look. Start at the lash line and stop at the crease.

Apply an eye shadow with gold glitter on a neutral basis. The base will help the gold color highlights.


Look golden eye shadows that emphasize bronze or copper tones.


Apply a thick line under the eye with a blue-green pencil for another look. Extend a little beyond the outer corner of the eye.

Mix a shimmery eye shadow on the line of eyeliner pencil. Use a makeup brush to achieve the best combination.

Add a small amount of eye shadow white or neutral color on the inside corner of the eye.


Eye Makeup for Dark Skin and Brown Eyes
Cover the lid in black with creamy eye liner pencil. Stop at the natural eyelid crease.

Apply a shade of blue-green eyes on black pencil eyeliner at the top. Mix well.

Add a color shade of brown or similarly warm light over the top.


Line lids with black eyeliner. Use a liquid eyeliner to the line more clearly demarcated. Applied as close to the lash line as possible.

A dark mask applied to the upper and lower flanges.

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