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How to Put on Fake Eyelashes without Mascara

False eyelashes are really attractive and dramatic. Most girls want to have long eyelashes. Long eyelashes make the eyes look larger and more attractive full length. It is a fact that most people are not blessed with long lashes, but have better choice. This can work if you use false eyelashes properly. Most girls spent hours before the mirror and try to apply false eyelashes.

Fake Eyelashes without Mascara

How to Put on Fake Eyelashes without Mascara

This is not difficult if you know the right way to use false eye lashes to beautify the eyes. If you have small tabs then do not worry because a set of false eyelashes dramatically change your whole look. These days fake eyelashes are very popular and common among young people and women and which easily lead to lengthen your lashes.

Here we are sharing some steps to give you an idea about how to use false eyelashes. Follow these steps and get attractive eyes.

Measure the length of eyelashes

How to Put on Fake Eyelashes without Mascara

Before doing anything else, the first and most important step is that you must ensure that false eyelashes are not too wide and too short for the eyes. Before applying the lashes, you ensure that false eyelashes are according to your natural lashes and fits your eye shape. If the tabs are long since eye shape or too wide then you need to cut to size. Hold the lash strip against your eyelid then carefully cut on the sides if necessary. False eyelashes cut down to achieve the natural look.

Create Form “C” Lashes

How to Put on Fake Eyelashes without Mascara

Grasp both edges of the tab between thumb and finger and gently bend inward to create the perfect shape “C”. This is the best way to get the perfect shape C according to your lashes and make righteousness. Make sure the latches are in the form of mold and adapt to the shape of the curve eye.

Apply glue High Quality

Now is the time to apply the glue on false eyelashes for lasting results. Do not apply glue in your own skin tabs. Apply false eyelashes. Make sure the glue that comes with lashes is high quality and good brand. Put glue on the head tweezers and apply it across the strip. This is easy to apply. Be generous when applying. Leave it for a few seconds until the glue becomes more tactile.

Air wave

How to Put on Fake Eyelashes

Move the false eyelash in the air gently for a few seconds after putting glue on it. This is a good technique to get the sticky glue before putting on your skin. This is also better to keep the strip thing to slide.

Place the false eyelash to the eyelid

Place the false eyelash to the eyelid

Place the strip of false eyelashes on the lid and put in place right as possible the natural lashes. Bring the strip from above carefully and make sure you put false eye lashes as close as possible to the lash line of the natural eye.

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