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Golden Eye Makeup Tips And Ideas 2015

Gold eye shadow can help achieve great and thunderous smoked or sun amazing aspect you need to know the makeup tips and gold eyes thoughts step by step to the appropriate application. Eye makeup can define the natural or dramatic way your look is. If you want to learn a process that can be used every day or look stunning for a special occasion, the proper application of eye makeup is a useful skill that can both impress their peers and help you look and feel your best. Gold is a big shadow over all skin tones for India, as it works very well in warm skin tones are Indians.

Golden Eye Makeup Tips

Golden eye makeup made easy

Gold Plus can be used for much about any aspect and the occasion and will never look the place. It is a versatile shade, with countless number of looks you can create with this particular shade. Especially this shade looks amazing with any skin tone, warm and fresh. So you have no need to worry about whether you mean to or not. It is a Warm Eyeshadow ideal for holidays and vacations. It also works well for all skin tones, although elected apart from having the power to blow your iris, you look awake and cheer.

Beautiful Golden Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes. Eyeshadow Tips
Hide the under eye area for dark circles and to provide even eye makeup look.
Prime eyes with a good primer. Priming the eyelids helps keep the shade for many hours and also helps prevent wrinkles. Those who have oily eyelids should definitely try a primer, as it certainly will help keep the eyelids free oil for a much longer time. To this point I’m not using any primer.

Golden Eye Makeup Tips And Ideas 2015
Apply the light shade of gold as a wash of all the tops of the interior to the outside corner corners. Does not extend outward. Also keep in mind not to extend the eyeshadow over the crease. Eyeshadow mix well and even out any patch for even a glance. Use a blending brush to blend in all eye shadows.
Now take the shade of bright gold (loose pigment as mac golden lemon) and apply it to the outside 2/3 of the lid. I do not extend it. Keep the amount of shade used reasonable we do not want a dramatic look. Take your brush mixture and mix well with the shadow shadow wash we had applied before. This bright shade will catch the light and make eyes pop.

Beautiful Golden Eye Makeup
Now with an eye shadow brush Angle take a brown / dark bronze shade and apply it on the outside corner of the eye and make a sharp edge. Also take back and apply shadow in the crease. Mixture from inward to outward.
Mix well with the shade fold gold shade and soften all hard lines. Take a bit of bronze / brown shadow brush pencil and line the lower lash line from the outside 2 / 3rd.
Now take a light tone highlighted on a fluffy brush. Tap excess shade. Then apply below the brow bone to highlight the eyes. Also take a little brush pen or Q-tip and apply gently near the inner corner of the eye and tear duct. This will give you an instant pop eyes.

Step by Step Golden Bronze Eyeshadow
We have lots of bright makeup so we need to keep it simple rest. Apply a thin line of eyeliner and apply a thin line of kajal. It is preferred if you use brown eye liner and blend, because it will look better. Also use the same eyeliner brown to line the lower lash line.
Apply some false eyelashes or apply some generous amounts of mascara and go. Curl your lashes, if needed.

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