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Hair Color Ideas & Natural Hair Color Ideas for Women

We’re tired of the color of our hair from time to time . We consider a different image would be nice . But on the other hand there are fears . Or damage my hair if I’ll use paint , regardless of cause loss ? Keep in mind that such questions suggest . Because natural hair coloring after learning method do not think you’ll try another form of painting .

Hair Color Ideas & Natural Hair Color Ideas for Women

Hair Color Ideas

Condemns those who want to glow: Henna and nourish your hair as well as a very nice red color. Preparation and implementation is also quite simple . Bring a spreadable viscosity condos . If you want to get your hair a dominant red color did you boil a mixture of water and onion skins brewed tea can be prepared. For the health of your hair into a little olive oil you can put genuine . Apply this mixture on your hair all . Wrap your hair stretching picking . In this way, wait 5-6 hours . After washing your hair, you will notice a great change .

The natural color of teaThe natural color of tea: If you have dark hair and you want to prevent whitening of hair you should try to do this mix . 2 tablespoons black tea mixed with 2 tablespoons sage boil. Bekletik apply to your hair after half an hour . Apply this mixture every day for two months . After washing your hair can also apply.

Daisy miracle: Now we all know the benefits of chamomile . This is why our hair and use the same as useful as a plant ? Blonde hair , especially in winter ladies complain that dull . Chamomile can add vitality to your hair . 100 grams of dried chamomile threw boiling water 40 minutes. Hair Color Ideas,After washing your hair dry. Then wash your hair with this water . Rinse your hair after 1 hour wait . Please uygulayabiliris this app 3 times a week . So you can see that gains vitality of your hair .

Shiny Caramel Fudge Light Brown Hair ColorBrown hair onionskin:Boil some onion skins according to your preference . Add three tablespoons brewed into tea and wait half an hour . After washing your hair dry with a towel and make you apply the mixture to your hair . 1 or 2  months later you can see the changes in your hair . A color like you ‘ll be able to do almost highlights . Both without any damage to your hair .

Walnut shell paint Hair ColorWalnut shell paint: If your hair is white you necessarily recommend you try this mix . Things you need to do is quite simple. 3 tablespoons green walnut shell walnut leaf beating ezin.5 – 6 pieces 2 cups water to boil. That crushed walnut shells into boiling water cooling and sheep. Put this mixture into the bottle and shake well. You have achieved a natural dye . When you apply to your hair brown or slightly lighter color can be achieved . Pour this mixture into a glass of tea every day , you must apply with cotton on the scalp . Hair Color Ideas,This application will take one week . Later in the week 1 or 2 times the application must do the same . Only this time, you should take your hair is not hair roots . In this way, both have fed as well as a natural hair dye can be painted.

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