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Home Remedies For The Common Cold

Home Remedies For The Common Cold; Cough, flu, cold and a heavy head are common symptoms of cold. We’ve all experienced at least once in our life and by far, is the irritation of the virus. Apparently it is just a common cold, but full body aches and heavy numbness that comes along with it, not allowed to work in the normal routine. Running a doctor for common cold treatment is difficult, because when you are down with fever, which not even want to move in place you would go to a doctor.

The Common ColdHome Remedies For The Common Cold

So you could try some home remedies that will improve the situation. You should take a lot of hot beverages, even if you catch cold in summer, as they are useful in improving the conditions of the nasal cavity and fights again fever.


½ clove garlic
1 glass boiled water
1 table spoon honey
½ lemon juice

Procedure:Home Remedies For The Common Cold

Take an empty glass

Chop half a clove of garlic and put it in the glass
Now add a glass of boiled water. You can take some hot water as the heat helps reduce sore throat
Add a tablespoon of honey to this mixture. Honey is good for coughs and dry throat. a good taste is also added to the beverage.
Finally, squeeze the juice of half a lemon and add it to the drink.
Stir all ingredients together and make a tea
This drink can pass through a sieve to remove seeds from lemon or garlic pieces.
Drink this tea three to four times a day and it will make your cold go away
We just discussed how to cure cold, this drink is not only good for the cough, but also helps with runny nose and chest congestion. For best results, you should eat nuts and chocolates that will give you the energy to fend off the cold.Home Remedies For The Common Cold

You should take some preventive measures against cold, these include, and stay away from people who have the virus because it is highly contagious. Eating nuts such as almonds and walnuts, vitamin C and caffeine-rich foods because they increase the immunity in the body. Make sure it is not directly exposed to the cold weather, keep warm and take cold medicines and fever as soon as the symptoms that occur in your body feel.

Also see common cold remedies for flu and fever. We wish you a healthy life!

Good luck

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