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Homemade Recipe Natural lip plumper

Homemade Recipe Natural lip plumper ,we’ve all been drinking feathered lips to the famous actresses. Some of them have such thicker and full lips, while the other has its lips through surgeries and other chemical procedures. We see how perfect it looks in the photos, tblook.com. The way your face looks so amazing with very little effort to apply lipstick.
What if we give the best full lips that can be done at home. DIY lip balm for naturally plump lips. This is the easy method, tblook.com we were cooking ingredients, the process a little lip balm and a home to fatten naturally thin lips and give them a more complete view juicier and thicker.

Recipe Natural lip plumperHomemade Recipe Natural lip plumper

You the following ingredients:

Beeswax / stick cap
Gelcaps vitamin E

To make lip balm that will have to do the following:Homemade Recipe Natural lip plumper

Using aluminum foil, make a boat
Take a portion of lip balm should be about a teaspoon or less. You really can not measure it will have to make an estimate.
Put the cap lever in aluminum boat
Now add the vitamin E gel capsules 2.
Throw in a teaspoon ground cinnamon
A teaspoon of paprika
Now place a pan on the fire and let it warmHomemade Recipe Natural lip plumper
Carefully aluminum pot inside the pot
You will see the fusion of ingredients. Mix together while they are melting to ensure that the pins are not formed
Once a thick paste consistency is formed, poured back into the container and let cool chap stick
Let it stay for a while. refrigerate for a while you can speed the cooling process.
Now you can apply on the lips.
Because it has cinnamon and paprika so it has a pretty pink to reddish she makes beautiful lips while they are in the process of fat.Homemade Recipe Natural lip plumper 3

In a few minutes you will see lips filled
You can wash the balm later
The same process can be followed if you are using beeswax instead of a chap stick. You can store any small container and it would last a few days.
You can also use the same ingredients and heat in a microwave oven. When you do not use an aluminum boat but a bowlinstead microwave test. You can warm up for 30 seconds with a new 10-second interval where the mixture can be stirred to prevent burning or forming lumps.
Since we used the paprika, we recommend you lips with his tongue touches, as it would be too spicy.

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