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How To Apply Makeup For Party Step By Step

How To Apply Makeup For Party Step By Step; As a working woman, it is very important that you wear makeup and take a fresh look every day. However, it is also important for you to differentiate between makeup for office and occasions. When you have planned to go to the party, you can wear makeup with bright colors or go smoky eyes makeup. What about makeup for the office? How to apply makeup?

How To Apply Makeup For PartyHow To Apply Makeup For Party Step By Step

Well, there are some rules for making up office that every woman should know. Basically, Office makeup should be simple for yourself can give a professional look. Also make sure you are comfortable with the makeup to stay on their work. Therefore, this video will help you on how to do makeup for the office.


If you have acne or spots, then you need to use foundation. Simply apply moisturizer and sunscreen on the skin of the face to the natural look.


Simply apply two colors of eye shadow on the eyelid and blend properly to get the best look. For colors of eye shadow can go brown, bronze or gray. Prevent brightness colors as not recommended for the office. Bright colors are perfect for weekends only. You can apply mascara will make your eyes fresh and bright.


Blush prevent brightness on. Sheer blush is a perfect choice for your workday.


For lipstick, girls should choose dramatic shadow and mature woman must choose the pink complexion. If your lips are thin, then use the darker shade because it will make your lips look thinner. You can go for clear lip gloss to make your lips fresh.

Applying makeup routine office it is regarded as the best to maintain the beautiful appearance. However, be sure to follow the rules of make-up office to make your makeup stays natural. You can check with the famous makeup artist, if you want to know more about how to apply makeup right office.

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