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Scary and Spooky Horror Costume Ideas 2015-16

If you want to play Despicable or want to see costume ideas downright creepy dead fear and terror to Halloween 2015 with images given here are covering all scary costumes for Halloween. Everyone is excited on Halloween to terrorize their friends with bloody red suits and fear of what the Halloween costume ideas 2015 are very important for the festival of Halloween.

Horror Costume Ideas 2015-16

Scary and Spooky Horror Costume Ideas 2015-16

Halloween party is linked with the horror and evil people and everything to use on Halloween to patronize your friends. Each year there is more pressure to have the best idea ever for Halloween costume. The Best Ideas 2015 Halloween makeup and costumes for Halloween go together because a Halloween costume is incomplete without makeup. There are many choices for Halloween costumes as skulls, bones, skeletons, zombies and many others petrifying costumes. Also Homemade Halloween Costumes Ideas can also be prepared at home by yourself and you can get the inspiration flowing blood.



Vampire is one of the best choices for Halloween costumes. This suit has the advantage that you can dress funny and sexy without dressing like a blood sucking creature. Vampire costume is the balance of fear and sexy and even this dramatic and dark clothing with tons of fake blood. You can use a full gown purple lace, black high cabinet style, a burgundy shirt and tight leather pants to look like a modern vampire.



Medusa is a legendary woman who had a look that was said to turn men to stone. According to legend Medusa hair were full of snakes so this team can be creative and full of fun. To try to wear this suit in shades of gray and green chiffon color to evoke the sculptural sense and also bring dramatic makeup similar shades. Also section your hair into a lot of small ponytails and use a temporary dye to color your hair green set.

Anything headless:

Anything headless

A headless person can give a clumsy approach. These costumes are quite funny and frightening many variations on the suit. In most of these costumes no false body filler that towers over his shoulder with his head poking out from somewhere in the middle. Place the arms of the false body so that it is conducting his own head. This suit also provides tons of creativity as a sorority girl headless, headless footballer or a bride without a head.



The zombie look is easy to create using a lot of makeup. The best part of this suit is that you can make this suit practically any computer. Makeup is the main part of this suit, and it will provide all look. Make yourself look sickly and pale, then add fresh bicycle brands, rotten wounds and bruises all over his body. For a perfect zombie costume you can find in any store makeup Halloween.

Bloody Mary:

Bloody Mary

There are many different versions of legends, but most of them involve murder, a mirror and a ghostly woman completely covered with blood. Bloody Mary was the most frightening things of all these versions. For this costume you need a lot of fake blood. Dress white including white face paint to have a ghostly look. Now splashing fake blood all over his clothes and in his face. Finish your look with a hand mirror and a mirror plastic.

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