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Spring Makeup Care Tips For Women & Spring Beauty Tips

The seasons are changing , our skin care routine also need to change according to the seasons. Climate change, our skin needs are also changing.In spring, our skin higher pH, sensitive and allergic Considering that , the more selfless we can understand the skin care needs .

Spring Makeup Care Tips For Women

Spring Makeup Care Tips

To protect the skin during cold winter months we usually use rich creams came time to replace it with a lighter . Now less fat , we can choose a lighter cream. With spring in your skin starts to produce more oil . In fat than cream , disrupting the balance of the skin can cause acne . In addition to moisturizing tonic would be useful to use. Not very good for exfoliating the summer months . Therefore, before summer to get rid of dull and pale skin structure to peeling useful to assess their spring .Spring Makeup Care Tips For Women

You can prepare yourself and your own at home peels . Moderately to heavily saturated tighten up on cotton and sugar , sprinkle lemon light then this is the wet rub your face with cotton . Rinse your face with warm water and dry with a soft towel and then apply moisturizer .

Skin cleansing is very important in the spring and you can benefit from nature to cleanse your skin .

Skin cleansing maskSkin cleansing mask

1 tablespoon dried lavender
1 tablespoon dried rose petals
3 tablespoons oats
2 tablespoons of clay

Mix all the ingredients into a paste by adding boiling water bring . Persistence and waited for 20 minutes and wash your skin . Apply once a week . People living in the spring seasonal hair loss in this period should pay attention to hair care . Of the scalp may be necessary to support the vitamins it needs .

Booster mask for hair lossBooster mask for hair loss

1 tablespoon rosemary oil
3 teaspoon juniper tree oil
1 teaspoon nettle seed oil
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Mix all ingredients thoroughly . Apply to the scalp once a week by friction . Then wait an hour wash.

We love the spring with the freshest fruits and vegetables available to us are starting to form ,Spring Makeup Care Tips .

Fresh vegetables and fruit detox
Yourself one or two days per week regimen of fruits and vegetables may apply. 24 hours a day by eating only fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits can purify your body . Spring Makeup Care Tips , Three liters of water a day as well as a detoxifying green and white tea as you can consume two cups a day as a part .

In fact, we need to use sunscreen in the winter , but come spring , entirely after the sun goes now ‘ban’ as you might think. One of the side effects of retinol increases sensitivity to sunlight . Therefore, in the spring, you need to reduce the use of retinal,Spring Makeup Care Tips .

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