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How To Search Of The Perfect Flat Belly

How To Search Of The Perfect Flat Belly, If you’re not among the lucky girls who can eat a lot and not gain any weight and you are struggling to find ways to lose fat fast and keep it off. The most problematic area for all girls is their belly. That’s because our body produces genetically fat in order to protect the most vulnerable part of the body of the woman – the reproductive organs. There is no “magic pill” or “loophole” that will help get rid of excess fat in a couple of days. Having a perfect body requires a lot of exercise, diet, sleep and stress! Yes, stress is the main culprit of belly fat.

How To Search Of The Perfect Flat Belly

The Perfect Flat Belly

How To Search Of The Perfect Flat Belly, Because the voltage level of cortisol and accumulates when fat gain in our midsection; it is not necessarily overeat. We will discuss the best exercises to help you reduce belly fat and get six pack abs as quickly as possible. The problem is that the exercise of regular way or spending hours on the cardio machines only helps gain muscle underneath the fat layer. That will not make you happy, right? Exercises that burn fat and then offer help to build strong muscles. The precise complex exercises is essential in your journey to lean, toned abs.

4 Simple Exercises For Flat Belly

The board
Why: The iron is one of the most popular and effective abdominal exercises worldwide. Plank makes work not only abdominal muscles and shoulder girdle, but every muscle in the body.

This is one of the few exercises that will get rid of the fat in the lower abdomen.
The boards are static exercises. No movements in it, so the most important thing here – is to keep the body in the correct position.

How: The body should form a straight line from the top of the head to toe line. Only rely on the forearms and toes support the body on the floor. The elbows are directly under your shoulders. Keep your body as straight as possible and tighten your abdominal muscles, not relax. Be careful not to bend the hips to the floor.

 The Perfect Flat Belly
1. Feet. Put them together: Keeping the balance will be difficult, and this increases the load on the abdominal muscles.
2. Legs. Be straight and narrow, otherwise the load on the straight abdominal muscles, holding the lumbar also be reduced.
3. buttocks. Strain those buns. Maintain pressure until the end of the year. It relaxes the muscles of the buttocks increases the work of the core muscles.
4. lumbar. The most difficult moment! If done correctly, the lumbar spine should be flat. No round or bend the lower back.
5. belly. Tire and then try to pull up to the ribs. Throughout the exercise, keep your stomach in this position, but do not hold your breath.
6. elbows. In order not to create unnecessary burdens on the shoulders, put your elbows directly below the shoulder joints.

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